Unsworth Elementary

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Unsworth Elementary is a large school in a rural community in the southwest corner of Chilliwack.  We currently have 303 students and anticipate that our school will grow over the next several years as the rural farmland becomes new sub-divisions.

MISSION STATEMENT:  The Unsworth School Community is a safe, positive, caring place where we can work together responsibly and respectfully to fully develop each student's skills and abilities.

We have 15 divisions - currently 3 Kindergarten classes, 2 grade 1 classes, 1 grade 1 / 2 split class, 2 grade 2 classes, 2 grade 3 classes, 1 grade 3 / 4 split class, 1 grade 4 class, and 3 grade 4 / 5 classes.   11 primary classes and 4 intermediate classes.  Although the school is large, it is set up in "pods" making it feel much smaller than it is.  We have a large playground with three adventure playgrounds, providing students with plenty of space to play.

There is a strong sense of community in our school.  Parents are involved in many aspects of the school - volunteering in classes, supporting fundraising efforts, participating in field trips and organizing special events.  Our doors are open and we welcome opportunities to show what we are doing to the community!

We have an experienced staff and we are constantly seeking to improve our practice, providing our students with the best learning experiences possible.

At Unsworth, students receive a balanced, well-rounded education including daily fitness and a music program.  Students at Unsworth are encouraged to do their best, uphold our code of conduct and be "thinking", "engaged" learners.

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